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"We Empower You Succeed In Anything With Effective Communication, Skyrocketing Your Success Rate By 85%."

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Being an IIT graduate,I was still lagging behind in my career because of bad communication skills. I tried to work on it but improvement was not up to the mark. After clearing CAT 2016, clearing interview was not a piece of cake for me, you must be very good at communication skills. So I googled about the best Public speaking institute and that’s how I got to know about Peptalk India. Till now I have spent about two months in Peptalk and trust me guys this is the best public speaking institute. It helped me to overcome my stage fear and hence to become a better public speaker. Because of Peptalk India I was able to crack IIM’s interview. I am joining IIM Bangalore in June this year. Thanks to Peptalk India for that.If you really want to improve your communication skills and want to be a great public speaker just join Peptalk India.
Kuldeep Singh
Co Founder of Marketing Agency

Pep Talk is an excellent place where you can reinvent yourself, not only by public speaking but you meet new people, make new friends, learn to have new conversations. Learn to be more confident and bold and express yourself in front of others.

Most importantly you will get to learn organizing, punctuality, prioritizing and great fun at meetings. Mentors are really great here and they use best of technologies and teaching methods and tools to ensure that students are getting best of knowledge and techniques about presentation skills and public speaking, which really help students enhancing their communication skills and building self confidence in public speaking.

When I joined, I was not very confident on my presentation skills and was quite hesitant speaking in front of public and now I see myself addressing people with huge confidence. I would highly recommend, join Pep and become a better version of yourself.

Rashi Kapoor
Freelance Actor/Model
I was delaying my own career plans due to ineffective Communication and Presentation Skills. You know, We Humans are Afraid of Our Own Highest Potentials. So was I, pretty much afraid of my own potentials. I always got spine chilling sensation while talking to people.Finally, I was left with no choice but to take a call. I did my thorough research and stumbled upon Pep Talk India. Frankly speaking, I was hesitant to join them earlier because this is an era of marketing where people make big promises but delver a little.Somehow I showed the courage and enrolled myself in this 2 months programme, and that moment proved to be a decisive one. The kind of training and support I got from my mentors is really commendable! I became an Air Hostess with the help of this transformational training, but this wasn’t it.I re-upped myself in the programme because self-improvement is never ending journey. I’m a proud pep-talker now and training young women to make their career in aviation. Joining PTI has been the best investment decision of my life!
Himakshi Arora
Cabin Crew Trainer
It’s not just public speaking, but your mindset, your body language, your expression, your knowledge, all combined makes you a good public speaker. Pep Talk targets everything, not just your anxiety of Speaking/Public Speaking. I am really fortunate to have Mr. Rocky Sagoo mentorship which is not only helping me with the process of Public Speaking (Yes, it’s a process) but also guiding me in my path towards doing better things. Attending Pep Talk is a complete package where you not only learn but also discuss your problem, business and grow in your field. How? You will know it when you attend.
Shivam Verma
Blockchain Specialist in the U.S. Firm
As communication is reckoned to be the most critical skill, so do public speaking. As it is said that man is a social animal, it becomes imperative to train & hone this skill regularly to keep it adequately toned & tuned to society’s expectations from you. This is precisely where role of real coach like Pep Talk India becomes relevant in your life. You need to just jump to it to experience a significant change in the way you speak to people. @ Pep Talk India…All the best, keep going high !!!
Anuj Gupta
Working Professional in US

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