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1. The elephant in the room.

This idiom is used to refer to a problem that is too big to ignore.

Example: That issue is not less than the elephant in the room.


2. One-trick pony

This idiom is used for people who are known for having one quality , and don’t have any other ability.

Example: I don’t understand why does she boast as she is one-trick pony


3. The lion’s share

The lion’s share” of something is the biggest part or portion.

Example: The lion’s share will be demanded for sharing this idea.


4. Hold your horses

This idiomatic expression means “wait a minute! or Don’t be in such a hurry”

Example: In any discussion to control our horses is must, it gives us time to think.


5. Pig headed

This idiom is used for stupid and stubborn people.

Example: Her kids are pig headed, I don’t like taking to them.


6. The cat’s meow

This idiom is used for something excellent, wonderful and really great.

Example: Her speech was the cat’s meow, it mesmerized everyone.


7. Let the cat out of the bag

This idiom means to reveal the secret.

Example: why do you always let the cat out of the bag?


8. Watch something like a Hawk

This idiom is means to watch something extremely carefully.

Example: I watched the movie like a hawk still it was all Greek to me.


9. Ant in your pants

This idiom refers to restlessness due to an excitement or being worried.

Example: Hearing my result date, I got ants in my pants.


10. Mad as a hornet

This idiom is used for someone who is extremely angry.

Example: Don’t mess with a lady when she’s mad as a hornet.




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