10 Daily English Expressions You Will Use While Working From Home

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Amid the government’s lockdown of the country to bolster the fight against Covid-19, we have all been staying at home more than usual. While this unexpected summer vacation is hardly something we wished for, it’s time to make our peace with it and find ways to be productive while staying at home.

To find out how you can make the most of your home quarantine, scroll down to the end of this article.

Meanwhile, here’s a list of English expressions that you will find yourself using regularly while working from home:

  1. The door’s handle has fallen off/come off.
  2. I’m sorry! The biscuits were at the bottom of my bag and they got crushed by the books.
  3. The batteries in this torch have run out/are dead.
  4. Oops! The lights ain’t working.
  5. Alas! There has been a power cut.
  6. I’m sorry! This pot is cracked/cup is chipped.
  7. Ah! The washing machine broke-down.
  8. Darn it! He kicked the football too hard and it smashed the window.
  9. We won’t be able to work in the kitchen, the pipe is leaking.
  10. Ugh! My computer keeps cracking today.

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