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The jobs market can be quite tricky in a country like India, where thousands of fresh graduates and post-graduates continuously augment the already massive labor pool. If you are one of the few lucky ones who manage to land a highly coveted job in a reputed firm, it becomes altogether the more important for you to be able to retain your position. With the rapid influx of new labor willing to work at a lower cost to the company, you have to develop and polish yourself to become more innovative and impressive. Here are 10 golden rules that will make you more capable at work:

10. Never say ‘I can’t. Always say ‘I can’

Never Say I Can't

No matter what challenge is at hand, never say that you can’t do a certain task. Always be ready to take up new projects and tasks outside your domain and show a willingness to complete that task successfully.

9. Be persistent

Be persistent
Believe in yourself and your ideas. If an innovative idea has struck you, be persistent in following it up with your manager and convincing him or her of its viability and benefit to your process and company.

8. Identify potential bottlenecks

Identify hindrances

Problems can and will arise every now and then. If there is a potential hindrance to your project or idea, then take effective steps to eliminate such issues.

7. Think out of the box

Think outside the box.png

Subvert conventional thinking to come up with more creative ideas, thus showing that you can think outside the box. Identify 3-4 ideas daily and put forth to your manager. Even if they are not implemented the impression will be created that you are making an attempt to be different.

6. Identify problems before they actually occur

Identify issues

If you hit upon an idea but feel that some objection could be raised by anyone then you should have a strategic plan to identify and remove the bottlenecks.

5. Take notes

Take notes

Even if you have a particularly sharp memory, there is a tendency to forget if you don’t take notes. During meetings or discussions, a point could come up or an idea may strike you that could be utilized later on. This is extremely helpful for brainstorming sessions later on.

4. Be curious. Ask questions. React accordingly

Be curious

You cannot possibly be innovative or impressive at work if you are content with the status quo. If some doubt arises, then don’t feel averse to asking questions. Remember, if people were not curious then no scientific inventions would have ever happened.

3. Be ready to take risks and take failure in your stride

Take risks

It is better to take risks and fail than be unwilling to come out of your comfort zone and let things carry on as always. It doesn’t matter if you fail- at least you attempted to try something different!

2. Shore up your creativity

Boost creativity

Be as creative as you can be. Explore different avenues to channelize your ideas. Read different books and interesting blogs to expand your mind. A creative person is always more appreciated

1. Keep learning

Keep learning

As technologies evolve and conventional practices are rendered at a rapid pace, it becomes imperative for you to keep learning and upgrading your skills. If you are not good at communication then enroll into a good course to improve yourself. If your skill set lacks on the latest tools and techniques used in your domain, then sign up with some online course to make yourself more adept. Remember, fresh graduates are nowadays equipped with modern skills and the competition becomes even tougher in such a scenario. Always keep updating yourself!

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