125 Words To Use Instead of ‘Very’

If you have seen the movie ‘Dead Poets Society’ then you must remember a scene in it where Robin Williams tells his classroom of students-

“So avoid using the word ‘very’ because it’s lazy. A man is not very tired, he is exhausted. Don’t use very sad, use morose. Language was invented for one reason, boys – to woo women – and, in that endeavour, laziness will not do. It also won’t do in your essays.”

Mark Twain Use Very Celebrated American author Mark Twain famously said: “Substitute ‘damn’ every time you’re inclined to write ‘very;’ your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.”

We cannot agree more. Ever since we started learning English from school, our teachers have been telling us to minimize the use of the modifier ‘very’. It is imprecise, reflects laziness and an unwillingness to explore more aspects of the language. There is always a better word available in the vast repository of the English language that can replace ‘very’. Here we list 125 of them!

  1. Very afraid- fearful
  2. Very calm- serene
  3. Very angry- furious
  4. Very careful- cautious
  5. Very annoying- exasperating
  6. Very cheap- stingy
  7. Very bad- awful
  8. Very clean- spotless
  9. Very beautiful- gorgeous
  10. Very clear- obvious
  11. Very big- massive
  12. Very cold- freezing
  13. Very boring- dull
  14. Very colorful- vibrant
  15. Very bright- luminous
  16. Very competitive- cutthroat
  17. Very busy- swamped
  18. Very complete- comprehensive
  19. Very confused- perplexed
  20. Very difficult- arduous
  21. Very creative- innovative
  22. Very dirty- filthy
  23. Very crowded- bustling
  24. Very dry- arid
  25. Very dangerous- perilous
  26. Very dull- tedious
  27. Very dear- cherished
  28. Very easy- effortless
  29. Very deep- profound
  30. Very empty- desolate
  31. Very depressed- despondent
  32. Very excited- thrilled
  33. Very detailed- meticulous
  34. Very exciting- exhilarating
  35. Very different- disparate
  36. Very expensive- costly
  37. Very fancy- lavish
  38. Very fat- obese
  39. Very friendly- amiable
  40. Very frightened- alarmed
  41. Very frightening- terrifying
  42. Very funny- hilarious
  43. Very glad- overjoyed
  44. Very good- excellent
  45. Very great- terrific
  46. Very happy- ecstatic
  47. Very hard- difficult
  48. Very hard-to-find- rare
  49. Very heavy- leaden
  50. Very high- soaring
  51. Very hot- sweltering
  52. Very huge- colossal
  53. Very hungry- starving
  54. Very hurt- battered
  55. Very important- crucial
  56. Very intelligent- brilliant
  57. Very interesting- captivating
  58. Very large- huge
  59. Very lazy- indolent
  60. Very little- tiny
  61. Very long- extensive
  62. Very long-term- enduring
  63. Very loose- slack
  64. Very mean- cruel
  65. Very messy- slovenly
  66. Very necessary- essential
  67. Very nervous- apprehensive
  68. Very nice- kind
  69. Very noisy- deafening
  70. Very often- frequently
  71. Very old- ancient
  72. Very old-fashioned- archaic
  73. Very open- transparent
  74. Very rainy- pouring
  75. Very painful- excruciating
  76. Very rich- wealthy
  77. Very pale- ashen
  78. Very sad- sorrowful
  79. Very perfect- flawless
  80. Very scared- petrified
  81. Very poor- destitute
  82. Very scary- chilling
  83. Very powerful- compelling
  84. Very serious- grave
  85. Very pretty- beautiful
  86. Very sharp- keen
  87. Very quick- rapid
  88. Very shiny- gleaming
  89. Very quiet- hushed
  90. Very short- brief
  91. Very shy- timid
  92. Very simple- basic
  93. Very skinny- skeletal
  94. Very small- petite
  95. Very smart- intelligent
  96. Very smelly- pungent
  97. Very smooth- sleek
  98. Very soft- downy
  99. Very sorry- apologetic
  100. Very sorry- apologetic
  101. Very special- exceptional
  102. Very strong- forceful
  103. Very stupid- idiotic
  104. Very sure- certain
  105. Very sweet- thoughtful
  106. Very talented- gifted
  107. Very tall- towering
  108. Very tasty- delicious
  109. Very thirsty- parched
  110. Very tight- constricting
  111. Very tiny- miniscule
  112. Very tired- exhausted
  113. Very ugly- hideous
  114. Very unhappy- miserable
  115. Very upset- distraught
  116. Very warm- hot
  117. Very weak- frail
  118. Very well-to-do- wealthy
  119. Very wet- soaked
  120. Very wide- expansive
  121. Very willing- eager
  122. Very windy- blustery
  123. Very wise- sagacious
  124. Very worried- distressed
  125. Very slow- sluggish

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