14 Fascinating English Phrases & Idioms related to “Air”

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Put on airs or give oneself airs

To behave in manner that shows you are better than others

I hate the way she puts on airs. She thinks too much of herself. Nobody likes her.

Air one’s dirty linen in public

To discuss private or embarrassing matters in public

Why must you always air his dirty linen in public?  You know that he doesn’t like to talk to anyone about his problems.

Airs and graces

A way of behaving that shows that you are more important than everyone else

Even when he became a star he didn’t have any airs and graces. In fact, he remained as humble as a dove despite getting a celebrity status in no time.    

Float on air or walk on air

To feel extremely happy

Today is her birthday. Most people feel they are walking on air on their birthday but she has been uncharacteristically unhappy.    

In the air

If something is in the air, you feel that it is happening or about to happen

In the aftermath of terror attacks in the capital city, there’s panic in the air.  

On the air or off the air

Broadcasting or not broadcasting on television or radio.  

The much critically acclaimed sci-fi series will be back on air tomorrow morning at 9.

The program was taken off the air over the summer due to some creative differences between director and writer.  

Up in the air

Not yet decided

My travel plans to visit a new destination every year are still up in the air.

A breath of fresh air

Refreshing, something that makes you feel better

I really love having such dynamic students in my class. During the lecture their positive attitude feels like a breath of fresh air.

Build castles in the air

To have plans that are less likely to happen

As a child I used to dream about sports cars all the time, building castles in the air about owning a Ferrari one day. But that dream never came true.

Clear the air

To improve difficult situation by talking about it; to remove the bad feelings between people

He had a massive argument with his mother last night, but now at least he has been trying to clear the air.

With your nose in the air

To behave in an arrogant manner

Since the day our next-door neighbour got a new car, he has been walking with his nose in the air.

Pluck something out of the air

To say something quickly without thinking much like a number name etc.

During the presentation he was asked a question “Where did you get those figures from?”  He replied “Oh, I just plucked them out of the air.”


Disappear, vanish, etc. into thin air

To disappear suddenly in a mysterious way

Police were looking for the assailants but they seem to have disappeared into thin air.


Out of thin air

to appear from nowhere

We direly need money to start a new business but unfortunately I can’t get the money out of thin air.

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