15 Negative Adjectives to Describe people in English


Adjectives are one of the grammatical aspects which are easily used in our conversation. Anyone who seeks to add more empathy and composure to their talk needs to learn more adjectives that can help them address people with it.

Here we look at 15 adjectives that can be used to address anyone with negative personality traits-


Someone who is generally unfriendly, distant, or cold towards other


Armchair critic

Someone who often gives unhelpful criticism and rarely offers their own ideas or solutions



Someone who needs another person or needs emotional support all the time


Couch potato

A lazy person who spends a lot of time sitting, watching TV, playing video games etc



Someone who believes the worst about others or believes people are generally dishonest or selfish


Full of hot air

Someone who talks a lot without saying anything of value or meaning


Goody-goody or goody two shoes

Someone who is always good or always follows the rules BUT is a little arrogant about it.



Someone who cannot make a decision


Pain in the neck

Someone who is annoying; a situation that is annoying or inconvenient


Set-in one’s ways

Someone who refuses to change; to be inflexible


Wet blanket

Someone who spoils or steals other people’s fun



Someone who is unpleasant; offensive



Someone who makes decisions without thinking or considering the consequences



To have a bad mood or bad temper


Busy body

Someone who is too involved or interferes  too much in other people’s lives

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