20 adjectives and idioms to describe people positively in English

Many a times we encounter a situation wherein we want to appreciate someone but we lack good words.

So here is the list of some interesting positive personality adjectives that will make your talk amazing.

A bubbly personality– someone who is very happy, perky and often optimistic


A ray of sunshine– a happy person who makes other happy; someone who is delight to be around


A type A personality– someone who is ambitious, goal-driven, focused on achievements


Affectionate– someone who is loving and warm


An old soul– someone who is wise and thoughtful; someone who seems much older than they are with much wisdom


Artistic– someone who is very creative; someone who has natural ability in art


Charismatic– someone with great charm; one who inspires others or is compelling


Chatty– someone who talks a lot or is easy to talk to


Classy– elegant; stylish; skillful; someone with high standards for behavior and looks


Down-to-earth– someone who is practical, realistic; sensible


Easygoing– someone who is mostly relaxed and calm; relaxed; laid-back is also often used to describe someone with these traits.


Gregarious– someone who is full of life; very social, friendly; someone often described as the life of the party


Industrious– a hard-worker; someone who is skilled and diligent at work


Larger-than-life– someone with a very strong personality; someone who impresses others


Natural-born– someone who has a natural ability at something from a young age.


Thick-skinned– someone who is not easily upset by castigation or insults

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