20 Quotes By Rocky Saggoo To Motivate You For Life

Pep Talk India founder Rocky Saggoo – a public speaking leader, entrepreneur, image coach, and personal trainer rolled in one has been instrumental in transforming the lives of thousands of students across India as well as those outside India. His ability to instill confidence and make dynamic speakers even of those students who have no self-belief and perceive themselves as a total lost cause is highly commendable.

Here are some words of wisdom from Rocky Saggoo that will inspire you to reach for higher levels, pull you up from the dark pits of dejection and sadness, and push you to reach the dizzying heights of success.

20. Crucial Tips on Success

Success Motivation Quote

19. On Knowledge and Wisdom

Knowledge and Wisdom

18.  Importance of developing innovative behavior

Innovative Behavior

17. On Success and Genius

Success and Genius Quote

16. On the dangers of procrastination

Procrastination quote

15. Coming out of your comfort zone

Fixed mental zone

14. Fear failure or fear boredom and stagnation?

Failure mediocrity

13. Life and its unpredictable nature

Life quote

12. Learn daily, be wiser every day

Wisdom quote

11. The secret of winning

Winning quote

10. No gain without pain

Pain Gain Quote

9. Working towards your goals

Working for goals

8. On procrastination again


7. Getting disappointed with life

Life disappointment quotes

6. The secret to success!

Success Devotion Quote

5. The importance of interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills quote

4. Bring change within yourself

Change Improvement

3. On the importance of mastering communication skills

Communication Skills

2. On staying optimistic

On staying optimistic

1. The importance of persistence

Persistence Quote


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