21 Useful ways to say “I THINK” in English

It is always fun to use synonyms in our daily talks. It not only makes our talk interesting but also helps us from sounding cliche. Here are some synonyms of the work “I think” which is most used in our conversations. 1>  I assume 2>  I believe 3>  I consider 4>  To me 5>  It… Continue reading 21 Useful ways to say “I THINK” in English


People are more into using very before every word they wish to put emphasis on but that is the blunder what they generally do. In English language there are appropriate words that can be used instead of very. The list is given below:- INSTEAD OF…. SAY…. Very accurate EXACT Very afraid fearful Very angry furious… Continue reading WORDS USED INSTEAD OF “VERY”

43 Useful Phrases for Expressing Opinions

While doing discussion, it’s really important to express opinions to make the listener understand ideas.  Majorly people fail to do so because they don’t get the correct phrase to use. Today’s article will help you with different phrases that can be used to express opinions. GIVING OPINIONS As far as I am concerned It is… Continue reading 43 Useful Phrases for Expressing Opinions

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