21 Useful ways to say “I THINK” in English

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It is always fun to use synonyms in our daily talks. It not only makes our talk interesting but also helps us from sounding cliche.

Here are some synonyms of the work “I think” which is most used in our conversations.


1>  I assume

2>  I believe

3>  I consider

4>  To me

5>  It is my view

6>  To my way of thinking

7>  It’s my belief that

8>  To my mind

9>  As far as I can tell

10>  In my opinion

11>  If you ask me

12>  The way I see it

13>  It seems to me that

14>  As far as I can see

15>  As far as I’m concerned

16>  I assume that

17>  I feel that

18>  If you wonder my opinion

19>  As I see it

20>  My thoughts on the matter are

21>  The way I see things is that (formal) 


Use these synonyms to sound more knowledgeable and help a listener get new words from your talk.


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