Tips for non-native English learners

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First of all, let’s try to minimize the hype around this “learning English” thing. Let’s consider this fact that it’s just a language and in fact, one of the easiest ones to master(especially for Indians who are intellectually quite sound, trust me on this!!). English has actually become a necessity and that’s why we become really nervous when we realize that we are not as fluent as required.It’s this nervousness or impatience that deters us from the right path of learning the language and lures us to shortcuts(you must be aware of them!!).Now,the most important thing is to clear your basics of how to form sentences or how to use certain words in sentences.Reading and listening,for sure,ensures our understanding but Can you use the sentences you heard or read in your conversations? If the answer is NO then read books or join some tutorials to work on your basics(subject verb object concepts).Once your basics are clear,all these home practices like reading or watching videos will prove beneficial.

Secondly, don’t watch movies simply to copy their diction(language) or pronunciation.Most of the movies use their native English and in India, people use English as an official language which has vast differences between them.You can notice this difference between “Shuddh” Hindi and everyday Hindi.Even when you read(after you clear your basic concepts),don’t just stick to a certain theme of articles or novels,but try to be experimental.Read things which are interesting because it helps you to retain the ideas,the words and sentences.In order to ensure better pronunciation, you can even try replacing your regular visual books with the audio books.This way you can kill two birds with one stone,i.e,both your reading as well as listening skills.A big collection of such books is available on your Google Play store or Apple store like LibriVox,Oodles,etc.

Everyday idioms made easy banner

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