3 Closing Tips Every Salesperson Should Know

Sales is a profession that is not meant means for the poor and average performers. The poor and the average salesmen have a more difficult job as compared to a great salesman. Now, you must be thinking that a great salesman must be living a harder a more difficult life as he has to put in more hard work in order to generate more sales. Well, you’re absolutely wrong. The opposite is actually true. The great salesman has already done the hard work he should have done. Now, he’s now at a stage where it’s quite easy for him to get things done.  He just requires a fraction of the efforts needed by an average salesperson to get a deal closed. He has already burned the midnight oil, which others are too lazy to burn.

If you are also willing to burn the midnight oil and get on your way to greatness in sales, then we have the following tips that you must follow-

  1. The ABC (ALWAYS BE CLOSING) rule –

    Remember that getting lost in sales conversation is for losers. They get into the other talks with the prospect so much that they forget that their job is to close the deal. Also, with the intention of building more trust, sometimes they stretch the general conversations so much that the closing doesn’t take place. Stretching the conversation diverts the mind of the prospect. These long conversations subconsciously make the prospect feel as if they have a lot of time (that’s why they’re talking to you for so long), so, he is now no more thinking to buy right away. He (the prospect) has now become a lazy creature and doesn’t have a sense of urgency. All this has a big role of conversations in it.

So, always make sure that you’re mostly talking business, whenever you think you can (not all the time. This keeps you and your prospect concentrated on the main motive and you easily proceed toward your goal. Train yourself to speak in a way that every single word you utter brings you to the closing. Hope you’re smart enough that you also discuss other things too to keep the conversation natural and light.


  1. Know when and how to be assertive –

    There would be many times when you’d be needing to be assertive to close the deal, or else it will cost you the sale. Average guys don’t know this. Many of them just keep on being polite and gentle. Due to this, the prospect, sometimes, doesn’t take them seriously. And how would he buy without being serious?

Remember, sales is not meant for nice guys. If you want to be a great salesman, you’d be needing to be a little forceful as well as per the need of the hour.  You need to be careful at the same time in a way that doesn’t hurt your prospect.

As mentioned earlier, the mind of your prospect could be lazy due to which he is convinced but still avoiding the situation. Such people can be dealt only with the help of assertive communication. You can be easy on them, and you lose. You can be assertive on them, and you win!


  1. The secret lies in the painful follow-up –

    It’s pretty clear that the follow-up up is one of the most difficult and tiring aspects of sales. But, remember, tough roads often lead to beautiful destinations. The very same boring follow-up is what will fetch you the highest percentage of sales in most of the types of sale. Surveys and Studies prove that the deals close after multiple attempts of follow-ups. Sometimes, your prospects don’t attend your calls. The reason behind that is very simple. They don’t trust you. Well, make sure you create a good rapport with your prospects. A good technique to increase your rate of calls being attended is to ask the previous time as to when should you be giving a follow-up call. Once your prospects tell you the day and time to give them a call, they now have the responsibility of attending your call in their subconscious brain. Make sure you make multiple attempts of follow-up (not with every type of prospects) and keep a record of every follow-up.



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