3 Reasons Why Pep Talk India is Better Than Other Institutes

At Pep Talk India, a query we often receive is ‘how Pep Talk India is better than other institutes claiming to offer the best English speaking and public speaking courses’? Since listicles are the order of the day, we will highlight three crucial differences how Pep Talk is different than other institutes and why enrolling in a Pep Talk course will prove to be far more advantageous to you than opting for other courses. This article does not aim to defame any institute (that’s why we are not naming any of them) and is just a blurb aimed at helping you make an informed decision for your investment. For your assurance, we would suggest you to visit all the institutes and compare yourself what would be the most fruitful option for you!

1. Unique, evolving pedagogy:

In this fast-paced world, communication between humans has become increasingly dependent upon technology. To make you ready to face the world and face any challenge, we keep evaluating your needs as per the latest industry requirements and include these changes in our pedagogy. Our courses are revised every 3 months and apart from public speaking, English speaking and English writing training, we also make you adept in impromptu speech, telephonic skills, improve comedy, debates, poetry, and a LOT MORE. Other institutes will not go the extra length and only train you in the basic speaking modules, thus leaving much to be desired. Moreover, they have been following the same course structure since the past five years. Your training will never feel complete.

2. Most in-demand industry trainers:

Led by Rocky Saggoo and Khushi Singh, our team of well-qualified instructors has had extensive experience in training more than 25,000+ people over the last decade in different roles. They have conducted sessions for not only students, working professionals, businessmen, politicians, homemakers, and industry leaders, but also foreign citizens from various European nations.  The sheer number of people trained by them allows them to immediately gauge your requirements, what all improvements you need, and the amount of practice you require to become confident enough to speak to just about any person in the world. You can head over to our YouTube channel to get a feel of how your personality will go a tremendous transformation if you enroll at Pep Talk. Though we wouldn’t like to disparage our peers in other institutes, you can judge yourself from their YouTube channels whether they are good enough for you.

3. State-of-the-art infrastructure:

We know that this is a point peddled often by many, but we are focusing on it because we have truly made some serious investments in establishing ourselves as the best. A usual classroom with a projector and some basic sound equipment is what you will find at most institutes but at Pep Talk India, you will find that everything is high-end, thus giving you a premium feel and satisfaction for your investment. To give you a real-world feel of what actually goes down when you have to speak in front of a huge crowd, we have our own auditorium equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, which makes your participation in our competitive events a truly memorable and life-changing experience.

The bottom line? Don’t waste your money on Chinese goods in the form of other institutes that will never come close to giving you the premium feel of Apple that is Pep Talk India! Take the best decision for your future! 🙂

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