30 Entertaining English Phrases and Idioms related to “FOOD”

English Phrases and Idioms related to FOOD


A Smart cookie

Someone who is intelligent and good at dealing with difficult situations

If anyone can lead this organization successfully, it’s Diana – she’s one smart cookie.


Tough cookie

A person who can endure physical or mental hardship

She has got a reputation of being a tough cookie because her leadership style and the way she managed conflicts at workplace.


Couch Potato

A person who watches a lot of television and does not have an active life

It is no good if you sit at home like a couch potato and don’t take your health seriously.


Hot Potato

A controversial topic or situation that is difficult to deal with

The new tax legislation has become a political hot potato and is attracting a lot of criticisms.


Top banana

Leader, boss, the influential person in a group

If you are really eager to learn about marketing, ask Jack, he’s the top banana in this field.


Bad apple or rotten apple

A bad or corrupt person who negatively influences an entire group

The best way to deal with bad apples is to take them out of the group as quickly as possible.


Big cheese

An important and influential person in an organization

Recently I watched Owen’s interview. He’s a big cheese at the automobile company. He is going to launch new compact SUV next quarter.


Sour grapes

Used to show that someone is jealous and is pretending that thing is not important because it’s unattainable

He said he didn’t want the big job in big company anyway, but that’s just sour grapes.



A person who is very intelligent and is only interested in studying

The series “The Big Bang Theory” is about bunch of eggheads living in Pasadena, Los Angeles.



It refers to a stupid person or thing

Don’t being such a lemon. Pull yourself together and get over her. No point worrying about something that can’t be changed.


Gravy train

A situation where somebody seems to be making a lot of money without much effort

Since 2014 many e-commerce entrepreneurs have been enjoying the gravy train because of tax benefits.


Go bananas

To become angry, crazy

The minister has gone bananas, proclaiming that gender discrimination is necessary for maintaining social order.



To become angry, crazy

The constant nagging from his parents about buying new house is driving him nuts.



A very small amount of money

I met Arun yesterday, he said he’s thinking of quitting his dead end job because he doesn’t want to work for peanuts.


Apples and oranges

Used to describe a situation in which two people or things are completely different

Both Android and iOS are great but you can’t compare apples and oranges here.


Bread and butter

Only source of income or livelihood

Wine making is my bread and butter right now but I am thinking of diversifying my business interests.


 Food for thought

An idea that makes you think seriously

The TV programme is quite informative and certainly provides plenty of food for thought.


A piece of cake

Something that is very easy to do

Starting your own business from scratch and then turning into a profitable economic pursuit is not a piece of cake.


Icing on the cake

Something that makes existing good situation even better

I was just content to see my friend in such a stable relationship but a promotion, that really was the icing on the cake.


Full of beans

Having a lot of energy

I’ve never known anyone to be so full of beans after spending 8 hours in the office. You’re awesome.


Spill the beans

Reveal secret information accidentally

I am not gossiping. I am just curious to know who spilled the beans about her affair with Jacob.


The cream of the crop

The best among group of similar things or people

The medical graduates are considered to be the cream of the crop and can get jobs with hefty pay check.


In the soup

To be in an unpleasant or difficult situation

Now I’m really in the soup. I made a lot of mistakes in the past, I am trying to start whole new career in advertising and it’s all very confusing.


Sell like hot cakes

To be sold quickly and in large numbers

The new iPhone X is apparently selling like hot cakes despite its hefty price tag.


Not somebody’s cup of tea

If something is not your cup of tea, it’s not what you like or what you’re interested in.

Horror movies aren’t really my cup of tea. I prefer action flicks and comedies, to be honest.

Put all your eggs in one basket

Rely on one single thing               

Even though I’m majoring in marketing, I’m taking finance electives because my mentor says “you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket, you should have multiple options.”


A hard nut to crack or a tough nut to crack

Difficult to understand or deal with        

Sumit is a hard nut to crack when something is bothering him like this.


As cool as a cucumber

To remain calm and composed

Despite the big mishap in her department earlier today, Seema is as cool as cucumber.


Take something with a pinch of salt

To not completely believe something that you are told

You have to take everything the media says with a pinch of salt, because government is trying to misinform public about Tax reforms.


That’s the way the cookie crumbles

To accept the situation as it is, even though it is undesirable

I really studied hard for the exam, but failed to clear it in several attempts. I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

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