35 Formal Words You Can Use To Replace Common Terms

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In our daily lives, we engage with different types of people – our family, friends, colleagues, the local grocer, online support executives and so on. Normally, we use simple, casual terms to convey our message to people. And that indeed is the correct approach, because the first aim of communication is to be as clear as possible. However, once you get used to such parlance, it becomes a bit difficult to adjust in a formal setting in the corporate world.

In order to shape your mindset to be comfortable with both informal and formal scenarios, all you need to do is to expand your vocabulary and start using terms that are sophisticated synonyms of commonly used terms. This will help you cover any gap that exists in business communication while ensuring you have one foot firmly planted in the informal aspects of engagement as well.

If you want to learn how you can create more powerful conversations at your workplace, read this article that touches upon the three key aspects that define and drive workplace communication towards success.

Meanwhile, here are 35 such words you need to know in both the informal and formal forms. Note this list down or take a printout – it will be a big help for your professional as well as academic career.

  1. Block = Retain
  2. Fill in = Substitute, Inform
  3. Block = Undermine
  4. Say sorry = Apologise
  5. Go up = Increase
  6. Go down = Decrease
  7. Set up = Establish
  8. Look at = Examine
  9. Blow up = Explode
  10. Find out = Discover
  11. Bring about = Cause
  12. Put off = Postpone, Delay
  13. Rack up = Accumulate
  14. Make up = Fabricate
  15. Stand for = Represent
  16. Find out = discover, ascertain
  17. Leave out = Omit
  18. Point out = Indicate
  19. Go against = Oppose
  20. Get in touch with = Contact
  21. It’s about = It concerns, It’s in regards to
  22. Need to = Required
  23. Think about = Consider
  24. Get = Obtain
  25. Put up = Tolerate
  26. Deal with = Handle
  27. Seem = Appear
  28. Show = Demonstrate, Illustrate, portray
  29. Start = Commence
  30. Keep = Retain
  31. Free = Release
  32. Get on someone’s nerves = Bother
  33. Ring up = Call
  34. Show up = Arrive
  35. Let = permit

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