37 Different Ways of ‘Walking’ – Boost Your Vocab!

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Unless you are an unfortunate soul who has been afflicted with some serious disease that has rendered you incapable of using your legs, walking is the most common and physical exercise you can do on a daily basis. From the young people to the elderly, anyone who is not keen on strenuous exercise can remain fit simply by doing a brisk walk daily.

Here are some synonyms for walking that will immensely enhance your English vocabulary:

  1. Amble: Walk at a leisure pace
  2. Bounce: Walk in an energetic manner
  3. Careen: Move swiftly and in an uncontrolled manner
  4. Clump: Walk in a heavy or clumsy manner
  5. Falter: Move hesitatingly, as if you will fall down
  6. Flounder: Walk with great difficulty
  7. Hobble: Walk in an unsteady manner or with great difficulty
  8. Limp: Walking when you are hindered by some physical injury
  9. Lumber: Move around in a clumsy manner
  10. Lurch: Move in a sudden manner as if unable to control the movements
  11. March: Walk in a rhythmic manner according to a specified procedure
  12. Meander: Move or cause to move in a sinuous or circular course
  13. Parade: March in procession
  14. Perambulate: Travel on foot, to inspect or measure a boundary
  15. Plod: Walk slowly and heavily
  16. Prance: Walk joyfully, as if dancing or skipping
  17. Prowl: Move about in a predatory manner
  18. Ramble: Move around aimlessly without any destination
  19. Saunter: Walk leisurely with no apparent aim
  20. Skulk: Move in a stealthy manner
  21. Somnambulate: Walk in one’s sleep
  22. Stagger: Walk with great difficulty
  23. Stalk: Walk in a stiff manner
  24. Stomp: Walk heavily, as if in anger
  25. Stride: Walk with long steps
  26. Stroll: Walk leisurely
  27. Strut: Walk in a proud manner
  28. Stumble: Miss a step or nearly fall
  29. Swagger: Walk with a proud, lofty gait
  30. Tiptoe: Walk careful on the toes, as if in stealth
  31. Totter: Move in an unstable manner, as if threatening to fall
  32. Traipse: Walk lightly or aimlessly
  33. Traverse: Walk across or over a distance
  34. Tread: Walk slowly and steadily
  35. Trudge: Walk in a heavy and firm manner, as if weary or wading through mud
  36. Waddle: Walk in an unsteady manner
  37. Wade: Walk through shallow water

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