4 Ways to Improve Your English Conversation Anytime and Anywhere!

First of all, this is not going to be a gigantic lesson which will certainly kill your time throughout this article and leave you with no information, however, this article will surely entertain you with the manifestation that I have proclaimed in the article’s heading and the relentless hope which made you click on the link.


I stumbled upon one common predicament of many English learners, at the very early stage of my training career at Pep Talk India, that is disfluency in English conversation due to discontinuity with the classes. As the course gets finished or comes to an end, participants would start looking worrisome to the halt they are going to have in their English-speaking practice so since the very beginning we share with them some ideas and interesting ways to improve conversation in English anywhere so I have brought the crux of the same in these 4 amazing ways to improve your conversational command on the language based on my empirical knowledge.  


1. Idiot box can actually help you become smart conversationalist.

The truth is, native English speakers use more phrases than different usual words and you can easily throw these phrasal sentences in your conversation than consuming the precious time in making a full-length sentence. The habit of watching some TV series everyday will hopefully do more than long-winded talk with an average ESL Learners.

Click here for the List of TV Series to learn and improve your English speaking exponentially!

Click here to know the meticulous way to watch the TV Series!

2. Listen to the podcast while traveling to work and home back.

Our brain is designed in such a programmed way that it saves and remember anything interesting seen or heard. if you replace your (songs) playlist with podcast sometimes it can contribute directly to your treasure of better structured and thoughtful sentences. And eventually, you end up using those saved podcast GYAN in the conversation with others.


3. Read, Write, and ask questions!

We forget that there is one most promising companion of ours, that is we ourselves. This habit will not only improve your habit of thinking in English but also make sure to add-on something to your knowledge. We have shared more than 100 day-to-day conversation format along with other articles which will give you an edge to your spontaneity if read patiently. You can read some interesting article or conversational blogs in the nick of time. You can also re-write the same topic for your practice and ask yourself question related to the conversation or the blog written if you have somebody to share with, do try practicing instantly but tactfully.

Now, This method is advisable when alone or having locked yourself in the room else your family members might think of you crazy observing your activity. Jokes apart!


4. Your immense love with the internet will apparently help you more than looking for and chasing someone to practice with you.

This is a sure-shot way. There are thousands of application which consist a million of videos and audio texts which can be surfed anywhere and everywhere for your practice or sometimes to your rescue as well. where ‘BBC 6 minutes English’ offers you so many audio conversations of native Brits tone there ‘WordReference’ serves you with so many examples along with the dictionary.

Stay connected to our blogs as very soon I am going to post an article consisting all those apps names which can help you improve your English communication exponentially.

Believe it or not, if you follow this pedagogy religiously you can see yourself up there performing better in English conversation!


One more important thing

If you found this post solving any puzzled queries of yours or contributed something in your learning box, cheers yourself for landing on our website: www.peptalkindia.com. I know you won’t forget to share this article with other learners and we would love to welcome you to our YouTube channel, Facebook page for more learning and sharing!



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