The English Language can be perplexing many a time when it comes to incorporating some rules that are twisted in ways to confuse the human mind. We learn and evolve with the language, but some honest errors can be extremely tough to comprehend making our hard work futile. We are here to help you with some common mistakes that tend to make speaking English a task. But why fear when we’re there:

Use of apostrophe, while speaking:-
Wrong: He is Rhea father
Right: He is Rhea’s father
The apostrophe is used to denote possession, ownership of ourselves or someone else’s.

Use of the base rule of subject-verb agreement
Wrong: I belongs to Delhi
Right: I belong to Delhi
Singular subject takes a singular verb and plural takes a plural verb

Use of modal verbs while speaking
Wrong: She should to clean the room
Right: She should clean the room
Wrong: My mother is may going to market
Right: My mother may go to market
Modal verbs do not need auxiliaries. They take direct negatives and question forms.
They are always followed by the infinitive without to.

Use of then and than while speaking
Wrong: When she will come than I will go
Right: When she will come then I will go
Wrong: She is better then her
Right: She is better than her
Then is used to refer time and than is used to do a comparison between two things.

Use of may and can
Wrong: Can I go to take my register?
Right: May I go to take my register?
May is used to ask permission and can is used to talk about your abilities.

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