5 Men Formal Clothing Hacks You DIDN’T Know

Do you know that it just takes some 3-7 seconds to form your first impression? Well, yes! That’s true as per the scientists. Now guess what can you see and analyze in a person in just so few seconds? Dress. Face, hairstyle, height, body structure, and a couple of other things. Next question, what can you do to improve your first impression? There are many things which you can’t change like your height, facial features, and some more things, and there are some things which you can change. One of the most important such things is your dress. Oh Yes! You can improve your dress sense to improve your first impression immediately. So today, we will be looking at some of the must-know tips to improve your formal dress sense and will give you a true look of a gentleman.

  • The tie length – This is a less-known thing. That’s why there is a plethora of people out there wearing ties reaching different lengths on their torso. This looks so inappropriate and messes up with your first impression. Always remember that your tie should reach anywhere between top to the center of your belt, not above, nor below. Any other length looks bad. So now that you know the right tie length, go and immediately change the length as per your fit.


  • The tie width – This is a detail we never care about. Many people can be seen wearing stylish, slim ties that look awful to a formal outfit. You may go for a slim tie on a casual outfit to add charm to that. But on a dress, the tie should always be between 3 inches to 3.75 inches in which the most ideal width is 3.5 inches. You may go for other widths also within this range only depending upon your size.


  • The right shoe color – Many people get confused while choosing the right shoe color to wear. The trick is simple here, wear any color which is subtle and not too highlighted on your outfit. A darker shade than your trousers is always recommended. The thing to be worried about more is that many people don’t know that the color of their belt and shoes is supposed to match. So make sure that the color of your belt should be the same as the color of your shoe.


  • Keep your shirt tucked in all day – Whenever we wear formal shirts, keeping them tucked in is like an impossible task. As we move around and sit and do other things, the shirt gradually starts coming out of our pants and we need to keep on tucking them in back all day. It is quite frustrating and annoying. Well, there’s a solution available in the market. This product is called shirt tucker. You may easily find it on Amazon. Buy it and forget about the worry of your shirt coming out of your pants. Isn’t it amazing?


  • Go retro – This might unknown to you, but the pants were originally designed without belt loops. Belts came into existence long after. The idea is to get some of your trousers stitched without belt loops. This will make you a different and classic look and will make you stand out from others.

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