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A root word is a basic standalone word in which affixes (prefixes & suffixes) can be added to create new words. A root is the basis of a word and it typically does not stand alone.

Prefixes and suffixes can be added to a root word to form many new words and change word meaning. Often the term base word is used interchangeably with root word. When affixes are added to them, they serve as the anchor of the word because they hold the word’s principle meaning.

5 root words those are used often, helps to enhance and memorize vocabulary-

1-Auto- Self


Autograph– signature written by a person her ‘self’

Automobile– car that moves by it ‘self’

Autofocus– a camera function where it focuses it ‘self’

Autonomous– of rule by the ‘self’

2-Bene- good


Benevolent– kind-hearted

Beneficial-resulting in good; advantageous


Benefit– Profit

3-Multi- many


Multicolored– including many colors

Multifaceted– having many aspects or sides

Multi- farious-of many and various kinds

Multiple– containing more than one

4-Form- shape


Deformed– out of shape

Cruciform– shaped like a cross

Transform– shape across

Malformed– badly shaped

5-Cred- believe


Incredible– not to be “believed”

Credit– state of being “believed”

Credulous– too easily “believing” something

Accreditation– process of ascertaining “belief” or “trust” what a school says it does


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