5 Signs you are afraid of Public Speaking

Sharma uncle said once; there is nothing I am afraid of doing. I have tried my hands in different jobs, business and adventurous activities. Recently he did go for bungee jumping so could be imagined this so called bragging about his brave attire.

However, that day was not good for him as I asked him  to try his luck in public speaking. I said we at Pep Talk India organise public speaking championship now and then why don’t you share your experience at the bigger platform.  Listening to this I saw his face changing colour. Good lord, on the very day of competition he fell sick that he could not even show up to a phone call.

Lol! It is not just the story of one Sharma uncle; this is the story of millions of folks. Let’s check this out if you too are frantic with public speaking

  1. You always come up with the lame excuses to avoid speaking in public and tell yourself it was the last time you skipped public speaking.

    Stage fright
  2. You imagine that reaching on the stage; you will forget everything or something will surely go wrong and the audience will laugh at you. sometimes, you realise at the moment, that you are not good at your native language too.Public Speaking In Delhi-Pep Talk India
  3. You believe Public speaking is not your cup of tea because this needs some especial talent and skills. you make excuses like- I have always been less expressive since I am introvert or laconic by birth. 😉

    How to build Confidence
  4. You are not so vocal, or you can’t articulate well in public consequently, you mumble or speak alien talk. All of a sudden, you start choking. OMG!

    why i Forget Speech

  5. You think, you have thousand of extremely impressive ideas which you have collected by reading so many public speaking tips and tricks but in front of public you sound naive or become dumbstruck.correct Spelling Mistake in English

Stop biting your nails; it’s not a contagious disease. There is the numerous solution for it.

First, join an organisation(Pep Talk India), which is fully equipped with mentors, experienced trainers not just a bunch of nerd speakers.

Pep Talk- Public Speaking

Avail every forthcoming public speaking event, whether it is just a get together with office employees or the marriage function of your cousins.

 Lastly, Instead of feeling yourself naked think your audience is naked, I know it sounds moronic, but to your surprises, it works to get rid of anxiety and nervousness.

For more real-time learning about Public speaking, be in touch with Peptalkindia.com. You can also watch videos for more learning- Pep Talk India on youtube.




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