5 Unique Methods to Create Your Own English Speaking Environment

English is considered one of the easiest languages to learn. It is also a global language. The fun fact is that India is not a native English speaking country but it has the highest number of English speakers.

Holding this glory, now let’s try to see the other side of the coin – the dark side. Though there are no particular surveys on this, but India might also have the highest number of people struggling to learn English, particularly the people who didn’t have their English as the medium in their primary and/or higher studies. Such people, when grow up and start exploring the outer world or get into a profession of jobs, business, freelancing or any other, realize that English is very much important to survive and thrive, especially in big cities.

Today’s blog is very much inclined to the Indians who have learned the basics of English but fail to speak it in front of people. Considering the circumstances and Environment of Indians, we have compiled a list of top 5 Tips to build an environment that can help you practice your speaking to get become a fluent and confident communicator. These Tips are as below-

  • Window shopping- For those who don’t know what window shopping is, let us tell you that it is visiting the shops, stores, and malls just to explore the items, but not actually buying them. Window shopping can be a superb idea for you to practice your English speaking. If you’re living in a big city, chances are that the shopping malls or complexes near you have employed English speaking sales executives for your help in shopping and to generate more sales.

Now, the idea is to go for window shopping and eating their head (not literally) in English by asking them the details of items and in many other ways. Similarly, you may also go to 3, 4, or 5-star hotels and enquire about their banquets, rooms by telling that you’re looking it for someone’s marriage. Just make sure you’re well dressed and look decent. This will give you a chance to open your mouth and speak English.


  • Speaking with customer support executives- There are many ways you can practice your English speaking by talking to customer support executives. Simply get a toll-free number of a company you know something about. Now, dial their number and get your call connected to the English speaking executives by selecting English as the language in the IVR menu. This way can also enable you to talk to foreigners or native English speakers if you dial international toll-free customer support numbers. For example, Cisco has an international toll free number wherein you may get connected to customer support executives from a different country each time you call them. Another such example is going to help section while playing a YouTube video. You simply need to play a video, go to video settings where you turn on captions, quality, and others. At the same place, you would find an option of Help. Tap here, and chances are, you would see an option to get a call from the YouTube support team, who are excellent English speakers. Go ahead and grab your chance to practice.

P.S.- In the daytime, you mostly get connected to Indian executives, and at night, you mostly get connected to executives from other countries.


  • Selling products at public places- Acknowledge the fact that you do need to go outside your comfort zone and go through many embarrassing situations. But don’t worry, the efforts you are making will certainly pay you off and will transform you into a dynamic English communicator if followed religiously. This tip includes going out at some public places where there are good chances of finding decent people who can talk in English, and selling them products. It can be pens, roses or any simple thing which everyone can buy. Approach them by speaking in English and try your best to sell them your product. Just keep in mind that you just have to try, not over try. This method is one of the best, as it doesn’t only help you practice your English speaking, but also helps you to become more social, confident, dynamic, and sounding convincing and more appealing when you talk to someone. In a nutshell, it will develop that charm and x-factor in your personality which most of the people would admire. But mind you, it takes a lot of time, it doesn’t happen overnight.


  • Doing surveys in public- You may also go out in public places where you can find some people who speak in English. For example, Cannought Place in New Delhi. You may also explore options like shopping malls and more. Here, simply have a questionnaire in your hand, approach people, and tell them that you’re doing a survey and you need to ask them a couple of questions. You may take their permission and audio record the conversation. Once you go back home, you may listen to your recording and observe how you speak. This will help you to rectify your mistakes and improve your speaking style. Do note that while using this method, you need to be ready to tolerate a lot of rejections. But eventually, it will help you come out of your shell.


  • Take the advance of social media- If you’re living in a small town where you don’t have the environment at all, you are not alone. There are many other people out there facing the same issue. You can form groups on social media with the people having the same purpose i.e. to practice their English speaking skills. You can leave an invitation to form a group on social media, or you may join one. There are many other applications where your calls get connected to random people who are willing to practice their English speaking skills. One such application is Buddytalk.


Summing it up- Certainly, these are some of the greatest ideas to practice your English speaking skills. But, you need to keep in mind that that path to become a good speaker includes my embarrassing situation, doing things you might not be comfortable in, and going through rejections. Apart from this, you need to make sure whenever you’re finding a new person to talk to for your practice purpose, you need to be respectful to him/her. Also, you’re not supposed to give up after a couple of failures. Giving up will never make you a good speaker. Just keep on going on and on. Building good speaking skills is like building a good body. It takes time, consistency, and a good amount of hard work. Now go and get to practice!

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