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There are many people who are socially awkward and feel uncomfortable in a room full of strangers. The situation aggravates for them if they have to address that particular unknown audience. Nervousness. Weird body language. Shaky hands. Sweaty palms. Week knees. Social anxiety shoots to the highest levels. It becomes especially a point of concern when the ‘room full of strangers’ is actually your group discussion batch to get admission into a premier B-school. How to be more confident in front of strangers? Here are 5 effective tips that will help you out!

1. Formulate Sentences Beforehand

Envision different scenarios and situations that can arise when you interact with unknown people. In a professional or corporate setup, it is possible that there is a certain defined way that the other person would respond. For example, refer to this list of articles for English conversations. You can expect a specific response and formulate sentences beforehand. Spontaneity does not come to everyone, so it helps to make a list of conversation starters!

2. Why, How, To Whom

Identify and study the group you will be addressing. Does it comprise of industry experts? Does it have college or school students? Or corporate professionals? What will you be speaking to them? It is obvious that you will have a different approach for different groups- a professional, formal one for experts and business leaders, and a casual, humor-filled for students.

3. Shed negativity

Most of the time, we are focusing on what others will say or think about us. Remove all negative thoughts and assure yourself of the fact that people are themselves nervous and wary of being judged all the time. 

4. Mingle with people

Familiarize yourself with the surroundings by mingling with people. Strike up meaningful conversations, put on a friendly smile, and engage in positive interactions. This will help alleviate your uneasiness to a significant extent.

5. Be well-dressed

It is important to be well-dressed all the time when you are out. You never know when you might be called for an important meeting or need to address a group of people. Half of your confidence arises from being well-dressed and a shabbily dressed person is never taken seriously. Good dressing = confidence!

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