60 Word Differences between British and American English

We live in a world where a single language has many different dialects. Some languages have so many dialects with a difference to such an extent that you might not be able to understand a major part of a different dialect of the same language. One such language is considered to be the second toughest language to learn- Arabic, which has the most number of dialects in the world. One dialect sounds all the way different from the other.

Luckily, we live in a world, where we have a much simpler global language – English. English is a language which is considered as very easier to learn. However, English also comes with varieties when it comes to different regions and countries of the world. The good thing about English is, it doesn’t have many major dialects. People living in countries that have or had been associated with Native speakers of England majorly follow British English. In fact, India has the highest population of people who can understand and speak English.

Indians majorly follow British English which is widely used throughout Asia and Europe. But being an Indian, if you land in other countries like the USA and other American countries, don’t wonder if you find speaking English with slightly different word usage in everyday life. It’s American English. It is a modified version of English, which originated in Europe. Hence, it consists of slightly different word-usage, pronunciations, syllable-stress, and the entire flow. Today, we will be learning 60 of the words which are used differently in American English, which are as follow –



  • Autumn > Fall
  • (bank) Note > Bill
  • Bill > Check
  • Cheque > Check
  • Biscuit (sweet) > Cookie
  • Biscuit (unsweetened) > Cracker
  • Car park > Parking lot
  • Chips > (French) Fries
  • Crisps > Chips (potato)
  • Curtains > Drapes
  • Film > Movie
  • Flat > Apartments
  • Fortnight > Two weeks
  • Full stop > Period
  • Petrol > Gas/Gasoline
  • Filling station > Gas station
  • Handbag > Purse
  • Holiday > Vacation
  • Lift > Elevator
  • Lift (in a car) > Ride
  • Maths > Math
  • Mobile phone > Cellphone
  • Mad > Crazy/Insane
  • Nappy > Diaper
  • Post > Mail
  • Pavement > Sidewalk
  • Pub > Bar
  • Toilet > Bathroom
  • Public toilet > Rest room
  • Sweets (toffee) > Candy
  • Taxi > Cab
  • Bonnet (of a car) > Hood
  • Chemist > Drugstore
  • Hoarding > Billboard
  • Label > Tag
  • Rubber > Eraser
  • Trousers > Pants
  • Torch > Flashlight
  • Primary school > Elementary school
  • Secondary school > High school
  • To let > For rent
  • Indicator > Turn signal
  • Football > soccer
  • Break > Recess
  • Saloon > Sedan
  • Post/Postal code > Zip code
  • Jumper > Sweater
  • Wardrobe > Drapes
  • Tin > Can
  • Trainers > Sneakers
  • Cooker > Stove
  • Sofa > Couch
  • Waistcoat > Vest
  • (academic ) Staff > Faculty
  • Headmaster > Principal
  • Exam > Test
  • Takeaway > Takeout
  • Timetable > Schedule
  • (Dust) Bin > Trash can
  • Queue > Line





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