7 Steps To Build a Winning Personality

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Success in personal and professional life depends largely on the kind of personality you have. If you have an affable disposition, able to adapt well with almost anyone, make discerning, persuasive arguments with razor-sharp clarity, you will find yourselves on the better end of most situations. However, many people complain that they have been born with an introvert nature and becoming a dynamic person is way beyond their capabilities. Such a passive attitude bores no good for anyone and can be construed as a lazy excuse for one’s own failures. By inculcating simple steps in our daily life, and working in a persevered manner to strive for constant improvement, one can easily build up a winning personality. Here are these 7 steps:

7. Stay Confident

‘Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.’

                                                                                                                                                           ~ Helen Keller

             A standout personality is one that is always brimming with confidence and is full of energy, no matter how adverse a situation is. Let me narrate to you an incident that happened with my friend Rohan. He had freshly graduated from college, was just average in studies and hardly had any technical skills that are so important to succeed in the corporate world. However, when he went for a job interview, he was immediately selected over some of his more informed counterparts. How come, one may ask? That was because whatever question was thrown at him, he answered it confidently, despite lacking the requisite skills and knowledge for the job. If you are oozing with confidence, you give out positive vibes and this is a big plus for your personality.

6. Dress Smart

‘Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.’ ~ Shawn Ashmore

Let’s face it- wherever you go and whatever you do, your clothes make a significant impression on people and give an indication of your style. Be it at office, college or a social gathering, a person is always judged on the type of clothes he or she wears and the body language they carry. It is not necessary that you go out of your way to purchase ultra-expensive clothing to make a style statement, but coming across as polished and coiffed with decent clothes not only makes a distinct impression among your friends and colleagues, but also makes your personality stand out in a positive way.

5. Read More

‘If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.’~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Read more, more and even more. This has been an oft-repeated suggestion for whatever issue ails you. Want to improve English? Read more. Succeed in exams? Read more. Crack interviews with ease? Read more. When you become well-versed with diverse topics in the world and are able to partake in discussions by making convincing arguments, it becomes a strong personality booster. People view you as a sagacious person with valuable input and your opinion is always treated with respect.

4. Be Friendly

Having an affable disposition goes a long way in making your personality more pleasing. If you have a surly attitude and people find you difficult to deal with, then it is certainly an arduous task to be more convincing if you come up with some new idea. The point is, an inherent flaw in personality erodes faith in people and if you find making friends easy then it certainly is a plus point for your personality.

3. Be Open To Constructive Criticism

Many times, when a person is criticized, he or she is unable to digest any sort of feedback, even if it is constructive. The key to becoming more dynamic in your personality is to show people that you are receptive to different ideas, willing to listen to alternative opinions, and shed any arrogance. This does not mean you should lap up any insult, invective or slander aimed at discouraging you. Be firm and be open to constructive criticism.

2. Focus On Personal Habits

There is a gross misconception that intelligence and smart behavior do not go hand in hand with personal habits. To be more productive in life, you should inculcate not only the habits of being punctual, learn how to manage time and focus on establishing a routine in order to maintain proper etiquette in daily life. This will help you in more way than one both personally and professionally.

1. Improve Your Communication Skills      

Finally, the most important step- developing, honing and constantly improving your communication skills. An eloquent person who can speak at length on any particular topic with flair and panache commands utmost respect from everyone. This is what all personality is about- displaying confidence, knowledge and your persona in the form of oral and bodily communication. And take note, only regular practice and hard work can make you a fluent speaker and make your personality more vivacious. If you slouch and take things for granted, failure and disappointment are a strong possibility. So whether you are preparing for job interviews, intend to crack a GD session or have to make an extempore speech, it is better to get your act together and start competing with able peers. This can be done in a group of friends or in an even better manner by joining a English speaking institute like Pep Talk India, where you will undergo rigorous training to convert you into a winning personality.

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