8 Highly Desired Traits of Stylish Men

Being stylish is not a trait that someone is born with. If you want to inculcate style in everything you do, you need to work on it, invest on it, and most important of all, imbibe habits that send your confidence levels surging through the roof.

What characterizes a stylish man?

What are the desired habits of a stylish man?

Here is what defines a debonair man of today!

8. He wears clothes that fit

An ill-fitting piece of cloth, no matter how expensive, is a cardinal sin of smart wearing. This concerns not only suiting, but every casual and formal clothing – be it t-shirts, denims, jackets etc. A stylish man wears everything that compliments his body type, with all cuts and edges stitched to the right position.

7. He invests in quality

Spending on timeless style and quality is more important for a man than spending fewer bucks on a knockoff or an inferior quality suit. He will know the difference between Cashmere, Alpaca and Merino wool and will go for the one that provides him more value on his investment.

6. He knows the name of his tailor and hair stylist

A man of style won’t buy something off the rack because the fitting can become a headache. He knows the importance of tailored clothing and stays loyal to his tailor who knows how to create bespoke pieces and make the correct alterations. In the same way, he has a dedicated hair stylist who can shape his hair as per the occasion. There is a mutual understanding of trust and loyalty between him and his style advisors.

5. His wardrobe reflects his lifestyle

It isn’t necessary that a person has to be rolling in riches or wear bling to be termed as stylish. A sober, dapper piece of clothing as well as minimalism go a long way in establishing the style credentials of a confident man. He has a wardrobe that is well-organized and reflects his sartorial elegance and refined tastes.

4. He pays attention to the finer details

A stylish man is a pedant in terms of fashion, and pays attention to finer details like choosing a pocket square, the tie knot, the shirt sleeve roll, the colors, as well as the accessories. To become a true couturier, he must be emotionally invested in the clothes he wears.

3. His clothes reflect comfort, function, as well as style

A man of style doesn’t just blindly follow a trend or purchase an expensive brand, just because others are also doing it. He becomes a trendsetter with his own clothes that are comfortable, functional, as well as extremely stylish. There is no compromise for one over the other

2. He is a perfume connoisseur

An important part of your style statement is the scent you wear. A man well-versed with dernier cri fashion is also thoroughly acquainted with the art of scent. He knows which scent or perfume to apply, which aftershave is the best, and which brand will make him stand out in a crowd without being too overpowering for others.

1. He is well-groomed

A stylish man is not afraid to shop and spend on grooming products. From trimming his beard and moustache to using facial scrubs and body wash, he knows being well-groomed is a definite style statement. He spends on face lotions, shampoos, beard lotions, after-shave, and everything else that helps him look spick and span.

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