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Q:  Change it into passive:

  • She is going to market.
  • They are having lunch in the garden.
  • Kanika was going to market.
  • My mother had cleaned the room.
  • I broke the glass.
  • She has been talking over phone since morning.
  • She had been playing chess since childhood.
  • I will be cleaning the room.
  • Someone will finish the work by 5 pm.
  • She is going to market.


  • The market is being visited by her.
  • Lunch is being done in the garden by them.
  • The market is being visited by Kanika.
  • The room had been cleaned by my mother.
  • The glass was broken by me.
  • The phone has been being attended by her.
  • Chess had been being played by her.
  • The room will be cleaned by me.
  • The work will be finished by 5 pm.
  • The market is being visited by her.
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