All you need to know about this Question “Tell me something about yourself”- Interview skills

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Are you trying to get your foot in the doors of corporate but just the thought of the interview and especially this classic and dreadful question “tell me something about yourself” turns you off?

Merely Understanding this question’s customary will solve half the perplexity and the rest half with the timely preparation. Let’s understand the root of this Question in lieu of the readymade answer, which will eventually clear out all the vague thought and makes sure you don’t just recite someone else’s prepared-answer, that makes you appear unnatural & unauthentic.

  • Why is this question important in almost all type of interview?
  • What should be there in the answer?
  • How much information should be given to this very first question?

This question is a conversation opener. Generally, after greeting your potential employer asks you this question, “tell me something about yourself” to start the conversation and try to know whether or not you are a good fit for the position. You make or break your first impression in first 30 seconds which is why it’s crucial to prepare the answer to this question in advance. Anyways, most of the employers want to know your ability to express and present yourself besides that you should also be careful while mentioning about your personal background.

This question might be asked differently to you like walk me through your background, Sell yourself, Take me through your resume, however, your answer should always be focused on your professional attributes. It should never be about your family background or the story of your heartbreaks.

Remember, This question is an opportunity to show and perform your strongest selling point so make sure you are ready to talk about your unique qualities and attributes. Your answer should include these three points:


1.Your professional identity- This includes your name and current work information.

2.Your achievement- The accolades, you have received for your professional work contribution.

3. How you will be the asset to the company- Your hard & soft skills along with the traits you have developed over time, which will help you ace in this new work profile.

Don’t make it too lengthy or too wordily as interviewer would lose you in between if you just go reciting unnecessary details from your schooling to degrees So try making it maximum of a minutes, though there is no time frame to it yet cover it in less time than expected leaving a tail open to it.

Bonus point- Tail open means ending your answer with the intriguing statement or with your unique selling point, so the cross question would already be in your court.

Consume Less time and present with enthusiasm, that will intrigue your potential employer and will leave him/her with a great first impression. I assume I have dusted off most of the vague thoughts about the first impression question for your upcoming interview. Now prepare your answer and post it in the comment section below. For more, you can join us in our master session at Pep Talk India!


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