Awesome English Expressions related to “Party”

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Man is a social animal and occasionally he loves going to social gatherings like parties. English language has a variety of expressions related to the word “party”. Here are some of expressions that can be used in different contexts.

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Expressions for People who love parties

The life of the party

A lively, amusing person who is the center of attention at a party.

“Bill has always been the life of the party. Please don’t forget to invite him to your birthday party.”
“She’s the life and soul of the party.”

A party animal

A person who loves going to parties.

“Jack is a real party animal. He’s never at home on the weekends”

“The new buzzing bar makes this a good place for party animals

Paint the town red

Have a wild time

“The entire gang was there and they happen to paint the town red all weekend.”

Let your hair down

To relax completely and enjoy yourself fully.

“Come on! Let your hair down for once and have a good time.”

Have a whale of a time/Have an ace time

Have a great time

“Everybody had a whale of a time at Reema’s birthday party.”

A wild child

A teenager who is high spirited and goes to lots of parties

“Emily is a bit of a wild child. She often spends her time in pubs and clubs”


A social butterfly

A person with lots of friends and acquaintances

“Her Facebook says it all, her friend list growing day by day as she happens to be a bit of a social butterfly.”


A barrel of laughs

Somebody who is funny and source of entertainment for others

“The Jesters are always a barrel of laughs. Please do book them for your wedding reception.”

Throw a party

Have/organize a party

“He’s kind of social butterfly and likes to throw parties without any apparent reason every now and then.”


Expressions for People who don’t like parties


Someone who doesn’t like parties

“Don’t be such a party-pooper! Let others enjoy the party in the way they want to.”

A wet blanket

Someone who doesn’t want to have fun

He’s such a wet blanket. Let’s not invite him to the party.

A wallflower

A shy or excluded person at a dance or party

Who’s the wallflower sitting over there? I can hardly recognize him.

Rain on somebody’s parade

Spoil somebody’s fun or happy mood.

“I’m sorry to rain on your parade but you’re not allowed to smoke on the premises. FYI, it’s a smoke-free zone.”

Find someone in the kitchen at parties

Somebody who doesn’t like mixing socially at a party

“You can meet different kind of people here, for instance you’ll always find Ravish in the kitchen at parties.”


Expressions for Dancing


Put on your dancing shoes

Get ready for dancing

“Come on dude! Put on your dancing shoes – we’re going to hit the clubs! It’s Friday Night”

Burn up the dance floor

Dance a lot

“Every Saturday night they like to go to really loud clubs and burn up the dance floor.

A slow dance

A slow, romantic dance

“On their wedding reception she got a chance to have a slow dance with Zack.”

Dance the night away

Dance all night long

“The dynamic duo danced the night away from dusk till dawn.”

Dance cheek to cheek

Dance very close to somebody

“Everyone was looking at them as they gracefully danced cheek to cheek.

Strut your stuff

Dance or behave in a confident and expressive way

“Tonight you’ll be strutting your funky stuff on the dance floor. Right”

Everyday english in 50 days

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