Boost your Vocabulary: Synonyms for Courage

Someone asked Martin Luther King Jr. what human trait is the most defining one when it comes success in life. “Courage:” was the answer. And it’s very true, without courage it is impossible to accomplish anything in life. If you really wish to have native-like fluency you must show real courage to learn and use new range of vocabulary words to talk about an idea or express yourself. And it enables you to use English language creatively and intuitively. In this blog we would understand and learn new phrases and words related to courage.


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16 Ways to talk about Courage



Showing courage or determination

The rescue team made valiant efforts to save the family, but were beaten back by inclement weather.



Showing courage in very difficult situation

She made a gallant attempt to hide her tears but the pain was too excruciating to bear.



Great courage, especially in war

Despite being a rookie officer, he showed real valour and great skill on the battlefield.



Extremely brave and showing no fear of dangerous situations

The Mount Everest expedition was led by a team of intrepid explorers who left their mark on pages of history books.



Lack of fear

After months of joining new office, she quickly earned a reputation for fearlessness, despite her lack of experience.



Courageous behaviour or character

She has been chosen to receive the Medal of Honour for her outstanding bravery in the face of adversity.



Willingness to take risks and show confidence or courage

The signature strengths such as boldness and independence truly characterized her leadership during her stint as CEO.



A willingness to take bold risks

The sheer audacity of the acquisition plan amazed everyone present in the conference hall.



Having or showing courage, determination

Despite going through the most difficult periods of her life, she managed to emerge as a gutsy fighter and became symbol of inspiration for others.



Ability and determination to do something successfully despite difficulties

She really showed her mettle under pressure, by the time game was over she was in the elite league of Olympic Gold medalists.



Courage over a long period

Her biographer mentioned that period when she showed remarkable fortitude as she endured all sorts of maladies.



Determined and courageous

In the movie she was portrayed as a cool, fashionable, independent and ballsy woman.


Show some spine or grow a spine

Show to others that you are a brave and bold person

Despite heavy government pressure on media, the budding journalist showed some spine in criticizing the corrupt politicians in the administration.



Strong determination to achieve something difficult

The obstacles and hurdles in her way merely strengthened her resolve to make something happen in a big way.



Brave and willing to take bold risks

Her actions were considered very daring at the time, when all the family members were not very supportive of her decision.



Showing determination and no fear

In spite of the wholesale devastation, the relief workers continued to work with dauntless optimism.


Antonyms related to Courage


  • Cowardice
  • Timidity
  • Spineless
  • Feeble
  • Meek
  • Weak
  • Fearful
  • Chicken out
  • Faint-hearted



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