Pep English Solution for Homemakers

  • Embracing English as day-to-day language.
  • How to talk fluently in Kitty party
  • How/what to talk in a meeting
  • Become creative communicator
  • 6 Cs of communication for the modern world
  • Build confidence to voice your opinion in English
  • Learn English without grammar
  • Build better vocabulary and daily phrases
  • Become fluent English conversationalist
    & learn many other skills

This course is for homemakers to help them speak
better English and become fantastic communicators

Duration: 2 Months
Timings: (2hrs/session)

Fee: Rs.31,000

Interview Skills in 7 days

  • Answer effectively to most of the HR questions
  • SWOT Analysis
  • How to appear technically sound
  • Dress for the best
  • Body Language and expressions
  • How to prepare your Resume/CV along with cover letter.
  • Multiple mock interview practice
  • How to attend interview calls, and follow-ups
  • How to double-up your confidence for your interviews
  • GD sessions

Duration: 7 Days
Timings: (1.5hrs/session)

Fee: Rs. 21,000

Master Class with Public Speaking Leaders

  • People skills
  • Life Coaching
  • Investment of money and time
  • Public Speaking for CEOs
  • Charisma Factor
  • How to become the best version of yourself-
    How to learn forever in life
  • Growth management- Stuck in the same position in your company or not satisfied with your professional growth
  • Maintenance program
  • Modern Leadership
  • How to become wealthy and successful

Individual session- Intensive 2 hrs of individual session
for working professional and Businessmen

Duration: 1 Day
Timings: 2hrs

Fee: Rs.12,000

Voice & Accent

  • Basic words
  • Accent and Pronunciation (Neutral Accent)
  • Clarification of concepts of Alphabets and letters
  • Introducing Consonants and vowel sounds
  • Syllable & syllable stress
  • Rules of Syllable stress
  • Word stress
  • Intonations
  • Modulation
  • Rate of speech
  • Jaw relaxation exercise for speech clarity
  • Getting rid of MTI

Duration: 7 Days
Timings: (1.5hrs/session)

Fee: Rs. 21,000

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