Commonly Mistaken Words In English

We are often scared of making mistakes. The whole idea of speaking English fluently has become a difficult task altogether. But here we tell you that making mistakes are great opportunities. Opportunities that allow you to improve and progress. To be able to identify your mistakes and work upon them is one of the biggest gifts one can ask for. This article will become your companion in understanding the commonly mistaken words and phrases in the English language.

  1.     Wrong: “I’m shifting to Delhi.”

          Right: I’m moving to Delhi.”

          Wrong: “I’m shifting to a new house.”

          Right: “I’m moving into  a new house.”

  2.    Wrong: “In which year did you pass out?”

          Right: “In which year did you graduate?”

         Wrong: “I passed out from college in 2009.”

           Right: “I completed my graduation in 2009.”

           Right: “I have graduated from college in 2009.”

 3.     Wrong: “His like that ”

          Right: “He’s like that.”

4.      Wrong: “ Have you seen that film ?”

          Right: “ Have you watched that film ?”

5.       Wrong: Anyways, I’ll see you.”

          Right:Anyway, I’ll see you.”

6.       Wrong: “ What is it called as?”

          Right: “ What is it called ?”

7.      Wrong: “I am giving that exam.”

          Right: “I am taking that exam.”

          Right: “I am appearing for that exam.”

8.        Wrong: “ I went for her wedding.”

           Right: “ I went to her wedding.”

9.       Wrong: “ I saw a dream last night.”

          Right: “ I had a dream last night.”

10.     Wrong: “ I said him to not call.”

          Right: “ I told him not to call.”

          Right: “ I asked him not to call.”

11.     Wrong: Me and my friends are partying tonight.”

          Right:My friends and I are partying tonight.”

12.     Wrong: Mention not, Sir.”

          Right:Don’t mention it, Sir.

13.     Wrong: “ Don’t forget to reply back.”

          Right: “ Don’t forget to reply.”

With these words and phrases used correctly, you can rest assured that your communication will definitely get better. For more such tips and tricks, get in touch with the experts at Visit us and see how you too can transform yourself from a person to a personality!

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