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What to Do When Adult Children Want to Move Back In

SON: Dad, I want to share something.

DAD: Sure son, go ahead.

SON: I don’t want to go for engineering dad.

DAD: Why? (With sadness)

SON: My interest is in another field. I would not be able to give my 100% in engineering.

DAD: But most of your chums are interested in this field.

SON: Dad but I am not. Please try to understand.

DAD: Do you have a reasonable justification to support this decide?

SON: Dad, First you please calm down and take a seat, I will explain you everything.

DAD: Okay!

SON: Actually the thing is that all through these years I have realized that even though our family has a science background, my brain is creatively bent. So, I want to become travel blogger.

DAD: Okay son, I will support all your decisions after all it’s your life and I want you to excel in whatever field you choose.

SON: Thank you dad for understanding my part and for supporting me.

DAD: God bless you son! Keep rising and shining.


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