Writing 101


BROTHER: (knock at the door) Hey sister!

SISTER: Yeah step in.

SISTER: So, what bought you here?

BROTHER: Mmm! Would you mind if I borrow your charger?

SISTER: (with a laugh) Not again, like you always do the same besides having your own things.

BROTHER: Actually, I gave my charger to my friend as he was in need of the same.

SISTER: Look, I really appreciate your helping nature but it doesn’t look good every time.

SISTER: I am not saying to stop helping others, but putting yourself at problem is also not good. You should have asked for your charger once his job was done.

BROTHER: Yeah! I understand dear!

SISTER: All we want you to be more responsible now.

BROTHER: I definitely keep this in mind.

SISTER: Sure, you can take my charger.

BROTHER: I love you sister; you are the best.

SISTER: Stop flattering me now and let me do my work.

BROTHER: Okay thanks, bye.

SISTER: (With a smile) bye.




Writing 101
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