Everyday english in 50 days


Teacher: Hello mam. Please have a seat.

Parent: Thank you so much.

Teacher: Yes please, tell me.

Parent: Actually I wanted to know about the progress of my child.

Teacher: Karan is doing well in all the subjects except mathematics.

Parent: But mathematics is a subject he practices a lot.

Teacher: He needs more attention on that.

Parent: Sure, we will focus on him but I want that more attention should be given to him in his class so that he can score good grades.

Teacher: Don’t worry, I had a word with his mathematics teacher and I discussed his problem with her.

Parent: Thank you so much.

Teacher: Please don’t mention that.

Parent: I have one more request. If you could please update me with his progress in the last month.

Teacher: Sure, you can have a word with me anytime or we can also fix a meeting.

Parent: Sure.

Teacher: Rest don’t worry, he is under our guidance and we will take right care of him.

Parent: Thank you, ma’am.

Teacher: You’re welcome.

Everyday english in 50 days
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