Everyday english in 50 days

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Colleague1: Hey!

Colleague2: Hi! How are you doing?

Colleague1: I am doing great!

Colleague1: Is it your first day in the office?

Colleague2: Yeah! I joined it yesterday.

Colleague1: That’s great, which company did you use to work earlier?

Colleague2: I used to work with FIS Gurgaon.

Colleague1: I see, so what made you change your job.

Colleague2: Well! I was looking for some better opportunities and career growth, so I thought to switch my job.

Colleague1: Yeah! You took a great decision. This company provides great opportunities to grow.

Colleague2: How long have you been working with this organization?

Colleague1: I have been working with this company for more than 2 years now and trust me I have actually seen a lot of growth in my career as well as personality.

Colleague2: Wow! That sounds amazing.

Colleague1: Indeed!

Colleague1: As we are in the same process, you need any help feel free to approach me.

Colleague2: Sure thing. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Colleague1: Same here. See you soon.

Colleague2: Sure, Chao!

Everyday english in 50 days
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