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Sister: Hey brother how are you?

Brother: I am good. How about you?

Sister: I am perfectly fine. How is your preparation for exams going on?

Brother: Good, but I am really scared for my exams.

Sister: Why so?

Brother: Because I think I am still lacking somewhere.

Sister: Don’t worry dear. You still have a month. Push yourself a bit more. You will do a better job.

Brother: Thank you, sis, for your support. But I think I need a guidance further.

Sister: For that, you can take coaching from the best institute which will help and guide you.

Brother: Yeah, this seems a perfect idea.

Sister: If you want I can help you to find one.

Brother: Yeah, sure! And I trust you that you will select something better for me

Sister: I just want you to be a successful person. And if I can be a part of your success in any way I will be more than happy.

Brother: I promise you to work hard and be at the position where you want to see me.

Sister: God bless you, dear!

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