Everyday english in 50 days


Car Buyer: Hey!

Car Seller: Hello sir, welcome.

Car Buyer: I am here to buy a car. Could you please help me with that?

Car Seller: Sure, sir. Which car do you want?

Car Buyer: Could you please brief about Dzire and Ciaz? So that I could decide which one I want to go for.

Car Seller: Sure, sir. We will have a look at Dzire first. It’s a sedan car. Which model do you need?

Car Buyer: Tell me about the VXI features.

Car Seller: Sure, in this you will get a desk lamp with parking sensors, you will also get power windows on both front and back.

Car Buyer: How much will this cost?

Car Seller: Onroad price for this will be 8 Lakhs 50 Thousand.

Car Buyer: What about Ciaz?

Car Seller: In Ciaz you will get auto gear, with parking sensors, power window, sunroof, wiper for the back mirror as well.

Car Buyer: What is the on-road price for Ciaz?

Car Seller: 10 Lakhs 25 Thousand including all the accessories

Car Buyer: I will go for Ciaz.

Car Seller: Sure, sir. How about payment?

Car Buyer: I will make the complete payment by check.

Car Seller: Sure, sir. We will get your car ready in a while.

Car Buyer: Ok!



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