Dress Designer: Hello ma’am!

Lady: Hello!

Designer: Please have a seat.

Lady: Thank you so much!

Dress Designer: How can I assist you, ma’am?

Lady: Actually, I want to get a dress designed.

Dress Designer: For which particular occasion?

Lady: For a wedding.

Dress Designer: Ok. Could I please know what particular design you are looking for?

Lady: I need a long dress designed in such a way that it should look different.

Dress Designer: How about a gown?

Lady: Yeah, that’s perfect!

Dress Designer: I’ll show you some designs so that you can get an idea.

Lady: Sure!

Dress Designer: These are the designs. You can select any of these.

Lady: I would like to go with this red gown.

Dress Designer: Perfect. In this, I will give a backless look so that it looks more charming.

Lady: Yeah, no issue. And is it possible to get a fish cut in this?

Dress Designer: Yes, it is possible

Lady: Will it look good?

Dress Designer: Yeah, it will, don’t worry.

Lady: Ok!

Dress Designer: Let me take your measurements.

Lady: Sure. And by when can I get this dress ready?

Dress Designer: By next week.

Lady: Great! Just give me a call when it gets ready.

Dress Designer: Sure, ma’am!

Lady: Thank you so much!

Dress Designer: You’re welcome!

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