Conversation between father and a son

Father: Hey son, how are you?

Son: I am great, dad. What about you? And how is mother?

Father: She is great. She misses you a lot.

Son: Even I miss you both a lot!

Father: How is your business running?

Son: Business is in black dad. I am also planning to expand my business in Delhi itself.

Father: That’s really great. We are really happy for you.

Son: Hey dad! there is a good news for you and mom.

Father: Yeah, please?

Son: Dad, I am planning to come back to Delhi soon

Father: That is amazing my son.

Son: I have also planned a trip to Singapore. So that we all can spend a quality time together.

Father: Your mother is going to get really excited after hearing all this.

Son: I know that. After all, we all are going to meet after so long.

Father: We have always been proud of you.

Son: Love you, dad!

Father: Love you too dear!

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