Writing 101

NSP: Hello! Yes, please.

Customer: Hello! Actually, I gave a call regarding the network issues.

NSP: Is this the same mobile number on which you are facing network issues?

Customer: Yes.

NSP: Could you please confirm me your mobile number?

Customer: Yes sure.

NSP: Your number is 98*****432?

Customer: Yes.

NSP: Yes sir, tell me what issues you are facing?

Customer: I am facing network issues. Every time I give a call, there is a call drop after connection. Sometimes it also takes more than 2 minutes to connect a call.

NSP: Sir, I would like to tell you that your issues will be resolved. Could I please know which handset you are using?

Customer: I am using a Samsung phone.

NSP: I would like to tell you, sir, that you need to change certain settings of your phone because there is no issue from our end.

Customer: Could you please guide me?

NSP: Sure sir, I will guide you for that. Go to your settings, select network, and select 3G if you’ve chosen 4G because your sim is not supporting 4G. That’s why you are facing problems while calling.

Customer: What will I have to do to get a 4G SIM for the same number?

NSP: Please visit your nearest store. They will provide you the 4G sim for the same.

Customer: Thank you so much!

NSP: Sir, would you like to know about the new offers?

Customer: No, thank you.

NSP: Thank you for calling. Have a great day ahead.

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