Conversation between Old-Friends

Writing 101

Karan: Hey Rahul, how are you?

Rahul: I am good. What about you?

Karan: I am perfectly fine.

Rahul: It is really good to see you after a very long time. Where have you been for so long?

Karan: I went to Hyderabad for my internship.

Rahul: That’s great. So how was that?

Karan: That was quite challenging. I learned a lot during my internship.

Rahul: So now, what are you planning to do?

Karan: I am planning to join an MNC soon. I have an interview lined up for next week.

Rahul: That sounds good.

Karan: What are you doing these days?

Rahul: I’m into my dad’s business.

Karan: But, what I remember is that you always wanted to become a model. And I believe you were working hard for that.

Rahul: Yeah, you are right. I was actually aching for that. But my father said that I should take over his business as I am the only child.

Karan: So basically you are abiding by your father’s wishes.

Rahul: Yes, now I have realised that it’s my turn to give a hand to my father.

Karan: I am really impressed by you. You have actually turned into a mature person.

Rahul: Hahaha thanks, brother.


Give a hand: To help.

Abide by: Accept or follow a decision or rule.

Turn into: Change.

Ache for: To want something or someone a lot.

Writing 101

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