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Father: I want to get those lights fixed.

Mother: You got them fixed last month.

Father: No, I want to get those bulbs replaced by LED bulbs.

Mother: Oh, so finally you are planning to save money?

Father: Yes, so let me give a call to our electrician.

Mother: Okay.

(Father calls the electrician)

Father: Hello.

Electrician: Hello sir.

Father: I wanted to get few things fixed in my house. So could you please come and fix them?

Electrician: Sure sir! Could you please brief me about the things which need to be repaired?

Father: Ceiling lights and bulbs.

Electrician: What changes do you want to get in your ceiling?

Father: I want to get LED lights fixed there.

Electrician: There are colourful lights in trend these days. Do you want me to get those?

Father: No, colourful lights won’t go with the interior. I want yellow lights.

Electrician: No problem sir, I will get those yellow lights.

Father: Okay. By what time will you reach here?

Electrician: I’ll reach there in an hour.

Father: Okay.

Electrician: Could you please tell me the address?

Father: Sure, it is Z-193, B-block near domestic Airport.

Electrician: Okay sir.

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