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As we all know English is a very funny language but not in the sense of speaking. Today this article is going to help you to speak properly so that you would not be the center of fun for your English speaking.

Incorrect: Both did not come

Correct: Neither came

Incorrect: Both of them did not pass the exam

Correct: Neither of them passed the exam

* In negative clauses, we use ‘neither’ not both


Incorrect: each of them sing very well.

correct: each of them sings very well.

*after each and every, we use a singular verb.


Incorrect: we are playing tennis every day.

Correct: we play tennis every day.

Incorrect: I am going to school by bus.

Correct: I go to school by bus.

*we use simple present tense to talk about routines and habits. note that the present continuous tense is used to talk about actions and situations that are going on at the moment of speaking.


Incorrect: I said him to go.

Correct: I told him to go.

Incorrect: she told that she would be coming.

Correct: she said that she would be coming.

*we use tell with a personal object. we use said when there is no personal object.

Everyday idioms made easy banner
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