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Conversation between travel agent and customer


Travel Agent: Hi sir, you gave a call regarding the booking of yours to Jaipur.

Customer: Yes, please.

Travel Agent: Sir, I would like to tell you that we have recently prepared an amazing package for that.

Customer: Could you please tell me the details of that package?

Travel Agent: Sure sir. In that package, you will get 4 nights and 3 days. Breakfast for 3 days is complimentary in this, and the complete package is for 15000/-.

Customer: That’s great!

Travel Agent: So sir, when are you planning to go?

Customer: As you know, I was planning earlier but couldn’t go due to a reason but now as you have an amazing package and I am also free so I am planning to go within this week only.

Travel Agent: That’s perfectly ok sir!

Customer: This package is valid till when?

Travel Agent: For a month.

Customer: Great. What are all formalities needed to be done?

Travel Agent: Sir for booking this package you have to pay 2500/- with a copy of your id proof and photograph.

Customer: Sure, no problem. How can I make the payment?

Travel Agent: You can pay by card, cash or cheque.

Customer: But for that, I need to visit your office. Is it possible that I can pay online and WhatsApp you my details?

Travel Agent: Sure sir, you can do that as well.

Customer: Just send me your account details and your WhatsApp number.

Travel Agent: Ok!


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Everyday idioms made easy banner

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