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Employee1: Hey! Do you know about the meeting?

Employee2:  Hi! I have no information as such.

Employee2: Would you mind telling me about it.

Employee1: Yeah, sure!

Employee1: This Friday there is a meeting wherein we are asked to deliver a presentation.

Employee2: What precisely do we need to present?

Employee1: We need to discuss the challenges that we face in our everyday work and the steps we take to resolve those issues.

Employee2: Are we only supposed to discuss the problems with the solutions?

Employee1: Oh, No! There would be an open discussion post-presentation where you can discuss other things as well.

Employee2: Now, that sounds music to my ears.

Employee1: Aahan! It seems you have been looking for this opportunity for a coon’s age.

Employee2: You got me right.

Employee2: Anyway! I need to prepare for the same.

Employee1: Same here. In case you need any help, feel free to approach me.

Employee2: Sure thing! Thanks a heap.

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