Conversation between two friends over a call

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JAZZ: Hey!

JOHN: Hey! How is everything?

JAZZ: Everything is going cold these days at home.

JOHN: (With a laugh) yeah! I can relate.

JAZZ: So, what do you do at home?

JOHN: You mean to say, how do I kill my time?

JAZZ: Yeah!

JOHN: Well, as you know that I am fond of reading books, so the same is what I do. This helps me build my knowledge and I don’t even realize when the time passes.

JAZZ: Wow! That’s nice.

JOHN: What about you?

JAZZ: I write articles and also make videos for my YouTube channel.

JOHN: Well! That sounds music to my ears.

JOHN: What is the topic of your articles and videos.

JAZZ: It’s is related to my daily job. I write articles on various social issues and videos are also on the same.

JAZZ: Hey! Don’t tell me that you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet.

JOHN: Are you kidding me? I did it on the very first day.

JAZZ: Yeah! I know!

JAZZ: John I have just uploaded a new video, just go watch it and do share your feedback.

JOHN: Will love to do that. Chao!

JAZZ: Bye!



Everyday idioms made easy banner

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