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Karan: Hey Piyush! How are you?

Piyush: Hey, I’m good. What about you?

Karan: I am fine. So in which company are you working?

Piyush: I am working with Concentrix.

Karan: What is your post?

Piyush: I am in the security department.

Karan: That’s great!

Piyush: Not that great.

Karan: Why so?

Piyush: I am not that happy with this post.

Karan: Which is the perfect post for you?

Piyush: I like manager post than security.

Karan: Why don’t you try in some other company?

Piyush: I am planning to do that.

Karan: There is an opening for the managerial post in FIS.

Piyush: Could you please arrange an interview for me in that company?

Karan: Sure. But you can also go directly for an interview

Piyush: Ok, that’s great. At what time do I have to go?

Karan: You can go at around 10 in the morning.

Piyush: Ok, I will be there at 10.

Karan: Perfect!

Piyush: Please share your number.

Karan: 981****87

Piyush: Can I take your name over the phone?

Karan: Yeah, sure, just tell them that you got to know about it from me.

Piyush: Ok, thank you so much!

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