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Mr. Singh: Good Morning Mr. Mehta. How are you?

Mr. Mehta: Good Morning. I am good.

Mr. Singh: You do not come for a morning walk nowadays. Is everything okay?

Mr. Mehta: Yeah, everything is fine. Actually, I was not in Delhi.

Mr. Singh: Why?

Mr. Mehta: I went to Pune to meet my son.

Mr. Singh: Oh! How is your son?

Mr. Mehta: He is living happily.

Mr. Singh: That’s great. And how are your daughter-in-law and your grandson?

Mr. Mehta: They are also great. Though my grandson has become a little naughty, still I like spending time with him.

Mr. Singh: I can co-relate with that. Even I love to play a lot with my granddaughter.

Mr. Mehta: Yeah! Life seems more beautiful being with family.

Mr. Singh: But why doesn’t he settle down in Delhi itself.

Mr. Mehta: Yes, he is soon planning for that. He also wants to expand his business in Delhi.

Mr. Singh: That’s really amazing. Delhi can give his business an exposure.

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